Adam Farr

Recruitment Consultant – Sales and Senior Appointments
Region/Territory: UK


Phone: +44 (0)1454 275 945

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My bio

About me:

I’m Adam, I’m 24 and have lived around Bristol all my life. I come from an agency warehouse worker background so have just made the jump from recruited to recruiter.

Relevant experience/qualifications:

No relevant experience, but am always eager to learn.


In my spare time I produce Dance music, DJ, play guitar in bands and am a part-time Freelance Audio Engineer. I also enjoy running and climbing when I can.

Favourite animal:

Dog (not Chihuahuas)

Interesting fact:

Chihuahuas are aggressive dogs because generations of in-breeding have caused the part of the brain that controls fear (the central amygdala) to be underdeveloped.