Ensuring that the workplace is a safe and positive environment allows it to be somewhere that employers and employees alike, looking forward to going every day. Those who enjoy their workplace are more likely to be productive and remain in the company for a long period of time.

Here are some ways to improve the work environment:

  • Consider other’s feelings
    As an employer, you should be mindful that employees can often feel overwhelmed whether that be due to work or personal reasons. Take the time to let them know that you are there to talk and listen if they need it. Treat them as valued members of the business. As a colleague, look out for each other and if someone seems upset, check on the. If they do not want to speak, why not make a small but kind gesture to cheer them up? Showing your colleagues that you care helps to create a safe space and a positive environment at work.
  • Promote inclusivity
    Whether you are an employer or an employee, make an effort to include others in the workplace. This could be in conversations or decisions. It will help others to feel at ease and a valued part of the community. Some people may be more introverted and feel uncomfortable approaching others, so if you are more confident, help them to make the first step by involving them in conversations.
  • Positive reinforcement
    If a member of the team achieves something, try to celebrate it. It does not have to be elaborate but doing something to reward their hard work shows appreciation and motivates them to continue to work hard. Celebrating wins as a team helps to bring the team closer together and boosts the overall morale of the workplace.
  • Have a clean workspace
    People work differently depending on the environment that they are in. A person is more likely to feel positive and inspired in an environment that is clean and spacious in comparison to a dark office that is cramped and uncomfortable. If you are an employer, do your best to make sure that your employees workspaces are comfortable by providing good quality equipment and suitable spaces for break times. If you are an employee, try to keep the workspace clean and tidy.
  • Mental health resources
    Have a system in place to help employees when they are struggling and do not feel comfortable speaking to someone they know. If it is possible, have a department that they can turn to where the people in it specialise in this area and can assist them. Alternatively, if this is not possible, have a board that details various contact numbers and email addresses for places that can help depending on the situation. These can also be printed out and placed in bathroom stalls if an employee feels uncomfortable approaching the board in front of others. This gives them safety and privacy to receive help in a way that suits them.