1. We’ve been focusing on only freight forwarding recruitment for 10+ years

2. Our management team’s grass routes are within the industry

3. Not only do we recruit top talent into our clients, we also buy/sell forwarders globally with our own M&A team, and we have our own media team pumping out our own freight publication (www.forwardermagazine.com) and our own comparison website (www.freightabase.com)

4. We have our own video interview platform allowing candidates and clients anywhere in the world to simply click a button and they’re in the same room; they can record the interview and play it back any time. Clients can also give us questions for candidates to record solo interviews ready for a shortlist of the best, saving both candidates and clients lots of time!

5. WE’RE CONNECTED!!! Not only do we have tens of thousands of freight specific connections (14k forwarding professionals in my own LinkedIn network) but we also attend industry events all over the world including Breakbulk (Germany, USA, UK), WCA conferences (Singapore), Multimodal (UK, USA) and more, so we’re constantly rubbing shoulders with the industries top executives.